Service contracts for businesses

These service contracts for companies are largely in the form of non-negotiable terms and conditions. However, they can adapted to form individual contracts. The agreements cover a range of different businesses.


    Contract for services: self employed contractors

    22 reviews

    For a self employed person engaged in any kind of work, requiring a basic contract to emphasis his self employed status.

    Security services contract

    4 reviews

    This agreement is useful for both, the security service provider and to the client (which may be an industrial unit, shopping center, hospital, residential society, school or any other organisations) on payment of agreed fee and the client who wishes to engage the security agency for the security of its industrial or institutional premises.

    Cleaning agreement

    2 reviews

    Comprehensive terms and conditions for a cleaning company to regulate the relationship with the client. Whether you clean carpets, windows, domestic premises or offices, this document will suit.

    Contract catering agreement

    T&C for an individual or company caterer providing a standard form of quotation detailing the client's precise requirements. Ideal for use for weddings, parties, family gatherings, hen's nights, funerals and all other events. Explanatory notes allow easy adaptation if your enterpriseoffers something unique.

    Shop Fitter's Business Terms

    This is a terms and conditions document for a shop fitter. It is assumed that the business is operated through a company and may be of any size. Although you will edit this document to create standard terms, you will probably be willing to make small changes for each client or to accommodate different types of work.

    Bookkeeping services agreement

    2 reviews

    This is a comprehensive agreement between a company providing bookkeeping and accountancy services and a client business.

    Bookkeeper: terms and conditions

    1 review

    A comprehensive contract for a self employed bookkeeper to present to his or her clients. The template is suitable for a wide range of services that a bookkeeper might provide from record keeping and accounts preparation to business advisory services.

    Technical writing contract

    A simple terms and conditions document to regulate the relationship between a writer and another individual. This is not suitable if the writer is trading through a company as an intermediary. Contains all usual terms and conditions plus specific provisions to deal with matters concerning technical writers such as intellectual property in particular. With full explanatory notes.

    Secretary or administrative assistant: terms and conditions

    All embracing terms and conditions for a clerical assistant, typist, receptionist, personal assistant or anyone who provides administration services. The document emphasises the self employed status of the contractor.

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    A very Professional document covers all areas of our business
    Mick Schoepf
    Review of the Australian version
    Very easy to edit. Good instructions. Suggest that it includes start and end date for the agreement
    Luz Bruce
    Review of the Australian version
    A very comprehensive agreement structure written in Plain English having good provision for simple modification whereto issue indemnity and encompass a finite scope. Brilliant, I say.
    Yours Sincerely
    John E M Rayner
    John Rayner
    Review of the Australian version
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