Agricultural land licence agreements

Agricultural land licences are ideal when you want to grant short-term use of your land for a specific purpose. For example, you might want to let for an agricultural show, a car boot sale, or for someone to use your equestrian facilities, or simply a field for spring grazing. These agreements protect you and your property and establish a simple legal relationship which cannot be confused with a lease.


    Grazing agreement

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    This grazing agreement creates a short term licence to graze a field. It can be used to graze any animal, from horses and otherequines, to cows, sheep and other livestock. It should be used where the land is not used for business use.

    Agricultural licence: to occupy land with stables; barn or other out-buildings

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    This is a licence to occupy for non-business use. Provisions in this document are tailored for land and buildings of a rural character, and it is assumed that the property would be used to keep horses or other equines, recreation, or storage of agricultural or equestrian equipment, food, or other personal goods.

    Agricultural land licence: to hold a show; fair or other event

    This document allows you to grant a licence to someone else to hold an event, show or fair on your land for a short and specific period of time. The range of events that could be held is large, from a local show, to an equestrian competition to a market or car boot sale, to having a wedding marquee on the land. Since the land is likely to be of high value, the document contains provisions that ensure the occupier looks after it.

    Equestrian facilities licence: stables; arena or other buildings

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    This is a simple agreement for the occasional use of facilities, such as show jumps, arena, gallop or cross country course.

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    The landholder presented me with a very complicated and inappropriate lease document. As a licensee I was seeking an easy to read and simple precise document which would be an upgrade from the usual 'handshake' agreement. I found it and my licensor was most satisfied with the content.
    I would recommend Net Lawman to all whom needed simple explanations followed up with simple, concise documents.
    Alan Stephenson
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    Accessing fairly simple generic licence documents for straight forward arrangements is an attractive and cost effective option compared to obtaining a bespoke document from a lawyer.
    Mitch Whalan
    Good Value
    Good price point. The explanation of the document was good, however a extract of the document could be put on the website if not already. Would recommend and use again.
    Peace Lehman
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