IT & computer use policy: e-mail, Internet and communications

40 paragraphs of down-to-earth common sense to protect your business. Protects your data, your reputation and your business and sets out a model policy for any size of business.

Suitable for use in: ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA
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About this document

This computer use, email, Internet and communications policy is suitable for every business which uses IT. Control over email and Internet usage is yet another employment related matter that requires careful and precise control. It is often difficult to decide exactly what level of control you require. This document is drawn as much to prompt your decisions as to provide a model version.

Misuse of employers’ computers is now the number one reason for dismissal. This constitutes a gigantic waste of resources in lost management time spent in re-advertising and arranging temporary substitution.

Tribunal cases are frequently lost in circumstances where common sense dictates that natural justice favoured the employer. Invariably, a feature of the employee’s case was the employers failure to say what was and what was not permitted. You can avoid this waste of time, money and human resources by using a document such as this.

Be sure to incorporate this policy into staff contracts by reference (as in the Net Lawman contract documents). Your employees are thus bound by the terms of the policy. So far as you change the terms, it is important to make them clear so that staff know exactly where they stand.

Application and features

  • Modern, flexible e-mail policy to suit all organisations;
  • 40 paragraphs of down-to-earth common sense to protect your business;
  • Helps prevent computer misuse of every sort;
  • Protects your data, your reputation and your business;
  • Covers employees working out of the office / using laptop;
  • Helps protect you from tribunal claims arising from e-mail and Internet related disputes;
  • Educates staff in best practice;
  • Saves hours of individual explanation.


  • Computer network use and constraints;
  • Special provisions for laptops;
  • Prohibited actions;
  • Explanation of e-mail system;
  • Comprehensive email management and control provisions;
  • Prohibited actions;
  • Changes permitted;
  • Other communications issues;
  • Example confidentiality footer.

This document was written by a solicitor for Net Lawman. It complies with current Australian law.

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