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As well as providing high quality legal documents, comparable (or superior) to the ones your solicitor would draw, we aim to give you the best service possible as well. We always ask our customers for feedback. Here is what they say about using Net Lawman...

David Williams
Dedicated and professional .. the very best service I have ever experienced online.
Liz R
Fantastic documents. I actually understand every word!
Impact Marcomms
Net Lawman provided a quick and easy solution for a reasonable fee.
Colin Stubbins
Have added your main page to my favourites for future use.
Clear info and documents. just to fill in some info and ready to use. Great!
Dawn Logan
Searching for a form, it was great to see the forms specifying the different states but could be better if the states were made bold so it was easier to find the state that's needed. Otherwise, everything was excellent.
Cost Management Solutions
Net Lawman provides a simple and low cost method for access to legal documents.
Great repository of legal templates to get started in business - easily.
I have used your web site several times and fond it very quick ,handy,and very accurate many thanks.
Building Bureau Pty Ltd
Try the forms from this site because we have found them up to date and relevant.
Glen Killen
Net Lawman is a simple cost effect way of preparing many of the legal documents my business requires.
FEM Productions, Australia
This site is a great idea.. This makes legal forms so much faster and cheaper!
Height Safety Warehouse
Very easy site. Clear and concise instruction and navigation. Very happy with the service so far.
Engaged Projects
Used for business and personal documents - good service; in fact .... Great Service!
Great site, so effective, gives you what you need when you need it, no waiting around.
Great resource for a small business like ours. Affordable and professional legal documents that would otherwise cost us a bundle.
T Flecknell.
Great for important documents. Easy to navigate through pages. Great price and wonderful to be able to edit with ease. Thank you.
Wilson Transformer Company
An extremely simple and painless process to get the best legal documents available. Thank you very much.
Graeme Boschen
While I am not a large user of legal documents I will nevertheless resume to recommend Net Lawman to all others that have use for this expanding service.
the site was very easy to navigate and we will feel more secure knowing we are legally sound with our employees.
Plenty Systems Pty Ltd
Purchasing such agreements is simple, the quality is fine, and there is much less hassle (and expense) compared to having it generated through traditional means!
My Perfect Dog
Your templates have saved me valuable time and money in helping to create our website designed to help people choose their perfect dog or puppy.
The Bookkeeping Business
What a fabulous service - far less hassle than finding a solicitor who would charge the earth!
Stamps of Discernment
I found it extremely helpful to get information pertinent to the type of business my partner and I are setting up.
BA Creative
We design professional websites and use Net Lawman documents to provide the best possible service to our clients.
HM Lawyers
Very easy to navigate for those who are not very computer illiterate. Information sought was provided very expeditiously.
Jimbos photo booth
We found this site ideal for us, as we are just setting up this franchise and this legal contract allows us to get started signing up districts when funds are currently sparse.
iTMS Software Pty Ltd
A very useful find for an SME looking for good legal documentation.
Douglas McCarron
Comprehensive, Simple to understand and Easy to use. A site for both busy professional and general use. I wish there were more.
Partha Patnaik
I used the format for compromise agreement for a planned redundancy and found the content and guidelines to be extremely comprehensive and useful.
Everything Pet
We found the downloaded forms to be extremely easy to use and they saved us a fair chunk of money. Thanks Net Lawman!
Face First Mouthguards
I was getting the contents of my website together for the web designer and was asked to get together terms and conditions and I thought, where on earth do I get those from. I did a search for terms and conditions and came across Net Lawman. It was a simple process and easy to understand. It has saved me time and given me peace of mind.
Reel Angler
Great website! Great range of legal documents, and outstanding supporting documentation. We have looked at many different options and netlawman.com.au have been able to provide a legal solution at a low price, effectively saving us $$$... Looking forward to seeing an Online Returns Policy
Stewart Barnett
I having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyer over my lifetime in business, how I wish I had found you sooner
FEM Productions, Australia
Net Lawman's legal templates are always our first option when approaching new risk management initiatives for both clients & ourselves; because paying over priced fees for lawyers to create standard documents is now an outdated process.

We have successfully prevented many risks before they occur via the use of Net Lawman's templates for; NDA / Confidentiality, Cyber Risk, Media Release, Sales/Supplier Contracts and many others. If you like saving money without reducing quality, then use Net Lawman
Ken Warren, Director The Golden Bough
Loved it mate, was in somewhat bitter dispute with ex partner, loads of expensive meetings nothing sorted. Got your form, edited it up sent it over -bang, signed, sealed and delivered in 10 mins. Excellent
Clive Liebmann
I've used Netlawman twice (my business is in Australia) and both times I've found them to be very knowledgeable, patient, and to give considerable thought to the details of the agreements I needed developed.

I will be using them again for a variety of future projects and I highly recommend them for any business looking for high quality, affordable legal document solutions.
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