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By Getaway Offroad Campers 14 June 2020

Great service, highly recommended.

By Michael 02 June 2020

Excellent service and offering. Great value for money. Regards, Michael

By Tunesmith Solutions 05 April 2020

Efficient service which provides legal piece of mind for those starting a new business.

By Jarrod 17 February 2020

Very happy with the service I received everything was handled with professionalism, speed and efficiency.

Definately great value for money.

By Peter 15 February 2020

The response took a few days but the advice given was well worth the time to respond. Top marks of this service.

By Jim Wickham (Toolbrunup Wines) 04 November 2019

I would rate NetLawman very highly for courtesy, helpfulness, clarity, sped and efficiency, professionalism and value for money. I engaged their services based on my ignorance of such matters, so I don't feel qualified to comment on their knowledge of the subject.

The only 'glitch' was actually in the layout of the template that I bought, in that the signature page was missing several fields. I hope that this has been fixed for new buyers!

By Jennifer Baker 21 October 2019

Really helpful
Fast and accurate recommendations
Absolute value for money
Excellent service

By My Health Train 23 August 2019

Very pleased with the service. Net Lawman made a daunting and complex process very simple and very swift. We felt professionally guided at all times and all explanations were clear and easy to understand. It is also excellent to know that the Net Lawman team will not disappear and should I need more assistance with the document they will be there.
Great value for money. Thank you!

By Naomi Byfieldt 24 April 2019

Brilliant service, great communication with NetLawman. Highly recommend using for ease of development of required contractual agreements.

By Bob Allen 15 November 2018

Efficient, prompt and delivered what we asked for at a price that was reasonable to satisfy our request.

Agreement was concise and clear. (plain English)

By Perfect Supplements Australia 18 September 2018

NetLawman was easy to deal with, quick to respond, professional and good value for money. Would recommend to others for sure.

By Deb Bakker 05 September 2018

Net Lawman your templates helped me to document exactly what I needed to do in a clear and concise way. The speed and efficiency of your lawyer in returning my document, reviewed and edited, showed the professionalism of your staff. Thank you for your services, for me, it was real value for money. I bought two templates and had one document reviewed and ‘tightened up’.

By Michael Medley (Big Time Cleaning) 23 May 2018

Very satisfied with the service which was provided in an efficient, professional and courteous manner.

By LACHLAN FRY 02 January 2018

Sharma was extremely helpful in every thing i ask for and beyond. I had very quick responses the same day with clear and precise explanations and help.
A very professional company with great attitude and value for money.
Id definitely recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to expensive lawyers for legal matters, that are dealt with easily and without the extra expense.

Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

By English Key Pty Ltd 30 October 2017

Working with Net Lawman has been an excellent and seamless process. I was surprised how effective, high quality and still affordable an online legal service could be.

They provided genuine and nuanced expertise on the subject, offered clear and understandable explanations and were always very quick to reply and offer support.

I'd definitely consider using their services for any future projects requiring any legal element.

Highly recommend.

By XX 06 October 2017

Extremely happy with the product and service I received: Such quick responses/turnaround, Shama was extremely helpful & patient and answered all of my questions. Great value for money & a great option if you are strapped for time as well! I would highly recommend.

By Reza Parsaee 17 August 2017


By Michelle Chow 17 July 2017

Choosing Net Lawman was the best decision I have made. The whole process from buying, amending and using is simple. Help is always there whenever I needed one. The lawyers at Net Lawman know what they are doing and consistently show great support. This gives me confident in using the contract and so as my freelancers.

By Colin Mason 10 July 2017

Initially we were concerned as we didnt recieve a return email on advice on which contract we should use. We took the plunge regardless and couldnt be happier with the outcome. Quick, responsive and professional service. Great value for money when compared to the normal options. Would definitly use again.

By Ian Collins 08 May 2017

I was particularly impressed by the responsiveness of Net Lawman to my document request. I reviewed drafts and responses very quickly and often late in the evenings. I found the service very easy to use and the drafting suggestions in the review service very helpful and practical. I highly recommend using Net Lawman as a very cost effective vehicle for small companies to produce all of their business legal documents, while ensuring a high level of quality and professionalism.

By Kim Whitten 08 May 2017

I was impressed at being able to get my document organised. I was only wanting something simple but to the point and that is what I got.
They were always quick to reply and review and put into simpler terms.
I would recommend them to anyone wanting a quick and simple document.

Thank you

By Why Leave Town Promotions 24 February 2017

This made my job really easy. Rather than trying to do something from scratch I was able to quickly modify the template and end up with a comprehensive document. It was also good to get someone to review what I had done.

By Craze Corporation Pty Ltd 24 January 2017

My experience with Net LawMan has been very positive to say the least. My initial legal document download was not exactly what I needed, so after contacting a representative I was advised to purchase a "Document Review Service" so that I could have my amendments reviewed and adjusted as needed. To my surprise after the "Review" process, my document was almost completely re-drafted with all the specifications I needed, even though many were absent in the original document template. I cannot understate the value I received for my investment with Net LawMan, especially having received quotes from traditional legal services up to ten times the amount!

By Fiona Hankinson 20 August 2019

Thank you for your excellent document review service - it enabled me to be sure my document was correct at the fraction of the price of consulting with a law firm face to face. Only taking off one star because it was slower than expected, although I was assured this is not normal.