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By Hans 29 December 2020

This service was convenient and easy to access when I needed it. I did not have to make an appointment or an arrangement to speak to a legal professional.
It was quite inexpensive, as I just needed a first pass to look professional.

By Joseph Limbrick 27 July 2021

As a newly established small contractor I found the basic trade/customer template a great resource as a starting point to build a comprehensive contract agreement in the future. Well worth the money and i would gladly recommend the service to others in a similar situation to me.

By Douglas Seymour 13 February 2021

Sought a quick summary of key building contract issues to include in a contract for the hire of a manager for our small community retirement village. Our board, of which I am a member, wished to formalise the arrangement for our current manager who also has advance building skills.

We have achieved our objective of writing a 2 part contract covering day-to-day administration and secondly minor repairs and/or the management of more major works.

This template not only provided the checklist but also suitable clauses for this second part.