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By Roslyn Kierzkowski 06 June 2021

It was exactly what I was looking for and said exactly what I wanted in a very easily understood way.

By Zyana 18 April 2021

It was great, but unfortunately I found that in QLD Brisbane, you never know who the landlord is of the property. Only the agent and the agent company is known. I think you should add the witness name but with a signature as well. Was very helpful, thank you!!

By Gang 01 February 2021

very helpful legal documents and saved lot of time. Thank you netlawman

By Patrick 20 December 2020

Great service , appropriate document, editable and simple. Thank you!!

By Terry Hickey 20 December 2020

The document provided the language I needed to formulate a letter of guarantee

By Chartered Accountant 01 December 2020

The document covered all the key points needed in the agreement I was seeking.
Kimberly Smith
Chartered Accountant

By Geoffrey 22 November 2020

Excellent! Short, sharp, concise and easy to read. Good explanatory notes where needed too. Easy to find on the internet and to navigate around on. One point of confusion was at the top where the address of the renters was to go in. I wasn't sure if it was their current address (where they'll be leaving) or the new address subject to the agreement (which they weren't in yet).

By Shane Webster 02 October 2020

What a fantastic time saving site the rental guarantor draft form was perfect , i looked around the net and luckily stumbled across Net Lawman , i would highly recommend them to others as its all the hard work done for you ,why look anywhere else this should be the starting point and will be for me from now

By Lily 07 June 2020

By Jacinta Wheeler 21 May 2020

thank you so much for providing this rental guarantor draft form, I am extremely grateful I rate the document 5 star its extremely helpful and good that its legally drafted professionally drafted and takes into account the tenancy legislation for the state its signed in

By Ken Fuller 03 February 2020


By Drew Lauchland (Barclay MIS) 20 January 2020

It was exactly what I needed.

By Rodney Luke 17 November 2019

I thought the Rent Guarantee Agreement was a well-written plain English document that should clearly communicate the understanding and assurance to a potential landlord, if my daughter needs to rely on one. It helped me draft a supporting letter my daughter is using when applying for renting a property as a PhD student.
The accompanying notes were useful to inform an attempt to incorporate the guarantee into the Tenancy agreement rather than use a separate document.
While I haven't actually used the document at this point I would happily recommend Net Lawman to others as a cost-effective way of obtaining legal instruments for general application.

By SHARYN MACKENZIE 07 October 2019

The form was appropriate to my needs and required no alterations. It was a great resource , thank you.

By J H 21 September 2019


By Cecilia Johansson 01 August 2019

Really happy I found your resource. This document was precisely what I needed. Thank you.

By Sam Kem 14 July 2019

it was exactly what I was looking for didn't have to change anything just added names. Thank you very much for your assistance.

By Michael Cooney 20 October 2018

Very good.
Service provided the document required.
Suitability and capacity to edit to more suit purpose.
Definitely recommend to others.

By Stacy Miller 18 October 2018

Thanks for the template it’s been a great guidance and resource I will benefit from using.

By Robyn Paxton 07 August 2018


By Khoa Tran 28 July 2018


By John Ebeling 03 February 2018

I easily found the document, it was exactly the topic I was looking for, it's simply worded, the explanation notes were very helpful. I've saved a link to your website so I can easily find it again in future & will recommend your website to others. I also noted your service to check & edit documents which I'll keep in mind going forward.

Your site comes across as very professionally set up.

After having a favourable experience using this free document, I'm confident in using a paid document in future.

Thank you

By Michelle Shaw 14 January 2018


By Carmen Horn 18 August 2017

Easy to use

By Sue Price 13 June 2017

you really helped me and I am so very grateful.
thank you I will recommend you and use your service's again.. it was very reassuring to have the information correct ..couldn't have done it without you