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By Michelle Muller 10 February 2022

Our experience using your product was fast, straight forward & easy to use. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know.

By Fiona 22 January 2022

The document was simple and easy to follow; however still served its purpose.

By Dennis Clark 24 November 2021

Document easy to download and easy to adapt to suit my purpose. A simple time saving purchase at a minimal cost. Thankyou

By Michael Roberts 04 September 2021

Value for money and easy to edit, read & use for a simple Family & Friends Loan Agreement.

By Xanthe 28 February 2021

I think it would be nice to set a higher price that includes a free summary appraisal of the finished document.

By Anthony Gillett 11 October 2020

The Agreement has everything that a simple and straightforward Family/friends type agreement should cover. Given that the document is in Word, the user can change, add or delete to their heart's content. Excellent value at the price. It is really important that such loans are documented upfront and before the event. Long-term and lasting damage to family relationships and friendships can result from undocumented, handshake loans, which off the rails after the event.

By Kristy 17 July 2020

The document did what it said it would - simple and plain English. Also, I appreciated knowing cost up-front, with no hidden fees, unlike other services that promise a free service and then trick you into paying at the end. Thanks!

By Robert Allcock 25 May 2020

We needed a simple but legal document in connection with making a loan to our son. We found the "Friends and Family loan agreement" document ideal for our purposes. It encompasses all the points we wanted to cover. The terminology was easy to understand and the form simple to complete. It saved us a journey to our solicitors as well as their costs. We certainly would use Net Lawman again for such matters.

By Daphna 30 April 2020

I was planning to lend a large sum of money to a close friend, and needed a simple contract to officially put in writing the terms we agreed on. I bought and downloaded a contract template from your website, read the instructions, filled it in, and my contract was ready within the hour! And even better- without leaving my couch. I loved how easy the document was to read and understand. The instructions were clear and the additional instructions document was helpful for anyone lacking legal education, such as myself. The whole process suited my needs perfectly. Thank you!

By Helen Dorning 12 February 2020

The template of the document purchased was exactly what I needed, super easy to use, and the comprehensive guidelines very helpful too. Prepared and signed legal document all within hours. Totally satisfied with the entire process.

By Terry Tomlin 08 February 2020

By Robyn OReilly 01 February 2020

Perfect document for what we needed to use it for. Saved a lot of time and lawyer fees. Thanks for this

By Greg Watson 06 December 2019

I got the document I needed - quickly and at very reasonable cost. This is the 3rd time I've used Netlawman and I'll be back!

By Clive Lowe 24 March 2019

At last a simple means of formalising the process of loaning to family.
I have been impressed by the simplicity of the document and the ease with which amendments can be made. The reference guide was very clear and easy to follow. My dealings were with family in Canada and I found it to be a painless process.
For peace of mind when loaning to family or friends I highly recommend Net Lawman. The added bonus is that it is a very reasonable price.

By Bruce Smyth 30 January 2019

This loan agreement was a great!

By Peter Sartori 28 November 2018

We needed a simple loan agreement, as we have lent a reasonable amount of money to our Daughter. The Net Lawman agreement was just what we required, easy to follow and edit to suit our needs, I sure would recommend the Net Lawman agreement to others.

By Susan Sha 27 November 2018


By Maureen Gittos 08 October 2018

Written in easily understandable English which was easy to edit/amend and reformat with very clear notes.

By Mark Simpson 16 September 2018

Just what I needed, a well written document that gave me options and provided notes on use. Thank you

By Kevin Collyer 03 July 2018

Because both the provided document, support and overall process was straightforward and perfect for what I required. The most important feature was a straightforward document that was easily understood and supported by the other parties. This hit the mark. Thanks.

By Josette Aiello 18 June 2018

Easy explanations pertaining to the paper,i asked for.Easy to comprehend, no jargon there with legal words ,difficult to understand.It was exactly what i needed.Thanks again.And I bought from you as my son had done so in the past.

By RON B 01 June 2018

Document was had the right balance of detail clauses and simple to read and understand at a fair price.

By Jeevan Kumaran 02 March 2017

Document and guidelines were clear and easy to follow. Document itself was well structured and easy to edit.

The document, in this case a loan agreement, assumes that there will be an interest charged and repayment will be monthly. In my case this was not the case as there was no interest and repayment was in any amount before the due date. These conditions could have been make optional - although it was easy enough to edit the document myself to change to these conditions.

By Robert Kent 11 December 2016

Hi Andrew. I found the document very useful for my requirements. The document was easy to use and I deleted or added anything that I needed to. Whilst I could have done the transaction via "goodwill", using the document gives both parties something to refer to and takes out any future confusion.

By Don Winterford 25 November 2016

Clear concise document, well laid out and therefore easy to use. Our business has benefited from using the document as it is fit for purpose and we saved time and money. We recommend Net Lawman online service to others.