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By The Stitching Spot 28 March 2021

Very easy to use and with the supporting documentation, the Terms and Conditions for my new website were complete in no time. Would happily recommend to anyone requiring such a service.

By Linda Basnett 15 March 2019

Was in the midst of providing content to our website developer when they asked for the T&C with the shipping and returns terms; something I had overlooked.

Was able to provide it to them after finding the appropriate document at Netlawman at a reasonable cost. It didn’t take me long to personalize it to our online business needs (given the clarity of presentation). Within 2 hours, I had avoided the dreed of delay, given that we are working under a very tight deadline. Really happy with this service.

Linda Bee (www.sponsity.com)

By Thomas Robertson 12 February 2018

The terms and conditions document is well written and covers what we required for our needs, it is easy to use and customise. It was much easier than starting from scratch. The online service was easy to use.

By Leanne Jurd 07 May 2017

This is a terrific product. It has given me piece of mind and for an acceptable price.

By Wyman Kingsley 07 March 2017

Great service and really appreciated the documentation explanation notes help with the adjustments and application to my website.

All the best

By Toby Dames 04 December 2016

The document was easy to follow and edit and provided the perfect solution for my requirements.

By Christine Algie 03 February 2016

Thank you!
Your product was easy to use, for companies both here in N.Z. and Australia, and exactly what was required by the bank to create an Egate.

By Anna Kozma 08 November 2015

Your service is great and the process was easy to read, purchase and use. I understand you cover everything.

By Maria Pantalone 19 April 2015

I would have liked the document to have also included downloadable products as well as physical products.