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By Melanie Cotton 29 May 2018

Very helpful and clear document, could be a bit more clear about parts you can delete. Also things like a shared account and division of total assets and maintenance were a little harder to understand and not always applicable with a new couple. Over all a very easy document to understand and read.

By Elissa McGregor 31 October 2016

I have found this document to be extremely helpful and relevant to my current situation and my partner has also appreciated it. I like that this references Australian Laws whereas some other sites are ambiguous about that. As much as I hope that my partner and I will be together for the rest of our lives, you can never know the future, it is good for both of us to know the baseline and sets up a line of communication that may not have existed before.

By Sharyn Rowe 22 September 2014

The document was good but could offer more variables and give clear instructions as to whether you are able to delete clauses that are not relevant to you - i.e. children.

Net Lawman responds 09 October 2014

We have now edited this document so that references to children can be removed more easily.

By Marian Flanigan 24 August 2014

The document is fine but we do not need all the stuff about children etc. Have not started working with it yet but I am a bit unsure as to whether you can delete these areas or you just mark them as non applicable. Perhaps a document for people without children involved Would be useful. That is my suggestion .

Net Lawman responds 05 September 2014

Yes, we will take you up on that.

By Brock Andersen 09 March 2015

Be careful as you still need to see a solicitor for their signature on this document

Net Lawman responds 15 April 2015

Yes, we say that very clearly on the buy page, but you still save hundreds of dollars!

By Lorraine Holloway 04 February 2015

I found the web site to be very clear and easy to use. I do agree about the children as it was not applicable for us. Thanks