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By Michael Sassella 05 May 2020

The service was easy to locate with a Google search. It was quick, easy and reasonably priced to find a standard variation to contract template. The template was in clear English with helpful guidance notes available. I have used variation agreements a great deal in earlier positions, but not for a while. It became necessary in my current work to prepare a variation and I had no template available. The Lawman template brought back memories and I am confident it covered the necessary points. I would use Lawman for a start on any templates I need but can't access.

By Jen 03 May 2020

The document I requested was delivered promptly and was easily set out. It saved me so much time, thank you. I will definitely recommend this service to my colleagues.

By Mary Timms 17 April 2017

I am trying to transfer my property to our SMSF and had to provide a variation to the deed. I needed a template to follow and it would have taken me hours to do one. Your service was so user friendly and has saved me a lot of time and money. I will be using your site again and would highly recommend to others.
Thank you