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By Nina Benedek 12 October 2018

Saving loads of money on administration is a significant motivator. The document was coherent and user friendly; allowing me to edit and implement terms which accommodated my needs accordingly. The service delivery was efficient and information on offer very useful. I strongly recommend taking ownership of your administration via Net Lawman.

By John Hughes 12 January 2018

The price is excellent, form was easy to get to and modify and should be ok to use in my fairly complex blended family situation

By Michael Lister 19 August 2016

Extremely useful!

By Jennifer Middleton 16 May 2016

Firstly, the price (only $19) for a legal document.
Secondly, how comprehensive the guidelines were.
Lastly, the ability to edit the document.
Thank you

By Mike Kulas 18 January 2016

Excellent service.

By Geoffrey Beresford 15 December 2015

I found the document well priced, I appreciated the helpful guide and found completing the document very easy. I would highly recommend this service.

By Hall Alexandra 20 November 2014

The document is easy to understand and is set up to be user friendly. The website is great and navigating to want you want is simple. Very happy with my purchase, thanks Net Lawman.

By Amy Leo 29 September 2013

I needed this agreement and purchased it from this site because it was the cheapest available, by like $100.00. I am extremely happy with the document, easy to read, easy to understand, well set out and great explainations for us non-lawyer average humans.Thanks a lot for your service, I know, where I will be going for my next legal document requirements

By Paul 02 October 2020

Major concern was whether it maybe just a scam and I would not receive any document .This was not the case paid the invoice and was immediately sent full document which I could edit and save, also liked your teams follow up if needed more assistance . Document was easy to follow and complete.

By Sonia Butler 18 May 2019

Very nice simple document and easy to edit just what we needed. The price was great. Was much better than than other more expensive complicated documents.

By David Mundy 07 September 2017

I found the language and explanations quite straightforward. It was a document I was seeking to set out ownership as Tenants in Common. I had a bit of difficulty with the format in relation to property shares (para's 1.5 and 1.6) and the table that is used for this purpose could be improved by allowing the author more freedom to complete. The document appears to be fit for purpose.

By Quentin Jones 27 November 2016

The document was just what I needed, the process was quick and easy, the price was OK, and it was straight-forward to edit and use it. This is the first time I have used any such service, I think it will be a winner.
(BTW - I would suggest using .RTF files - they are not proprietary to Microsoft, open on any PC, and handle the usual formatting.)
Thanks :)

Net Lawman responds 05 December 2016

rtf and other formats are available on request. We have tried standardising on rtf but some people do not recognise the suffix and do not understand what it is.

By Brian Smith 31 August 2015

Maybe I expected too much. I had hoped there would also be a larger list of general items which would nail down potential trouble spots eg.
- If one Owner dies, and Beneficiaries want out - how is the purchase price of their share determined? Who determines property value?
- First purchase offer to other Owners? Or can they sell to anybody?
- There could be a number of Beneficiaries, with some wanting out, and others to remain in.
- How would Owners decisions be made - ? by majority vote.
There are probably other relevant items. The document forwarded is clear and brief.

Regards Brian Smith.

Net Lawman responds 03 September 2015

This is a very simple document with a very simple purpose. We think I is fair to expect that a buyer knows what he wants and how ithe change will affect him. This is not a document about life management. We have others that are.

By Harry Audus 22 August 2015

"In general, the document is clear and covers all the points we as the parties expect to make (other than those we need to make in our wills).

I would be happy to recommend Net Lawman to my friends."

By Elaine Runge 29 June 2015

I thought the material was within my knowledge. Understanding the concept of Tenants In Common.l Reading the material has helped me understand more so than listening to people. Yes I would recommend this website to others.

By Glen Lewis 22 June 2013

The only query I have is whether the parts printed in blue are optional or not? e.g. the need for a life insurance policy? House insurance, yes, but why life?:

Net Lawman responds 03 July 2013

Thank you for your custom at Net Lawman.

The blue markings we use:
1- the areas where some real information to be inserted or provided by the user, for example "the licence fee is [amount] to be paid on [25th December, 2013]
2- where the user to select between two or more than two alternative paras, we us "OR" for such paras
3- where the information the draftsman provides but may not be relevant to you. So keep only if this is relevant to you otherwise delete. Usually we guide about this in our para specific notes at the end of the document. The templates are of generic nature and all clauses may not be relevant to you, the draftsman try to cover 99% situations.

Please do let me know if you find any question. we shall be very happy to help.We look forward seeing you again at Net Lawman.

By DAVIDE DI FLORIO 31 March 2016

I found the document useful but too basic to construct a comprehensive agreement between individual share holders of a property.

Net Lawman responds 03 April 2016

We do make clear on the info page for this doc that it deals only with legal status of the parties. We offer the document you really needed as a shared ownership document, which includes all the management issues you were probably looking for.