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By Lee Price 14 February 2021

When I reviewed the Directors service agreement, it clearly met the requirements laid out by the AICD.

By Wayne Young 20 March 2017

This was an effective and easy activity. I contacted or searched a dozen other Companies for the same document but got nowhere. I found your site, found the document I wanted and did the easy download. It had all the options I needed to consider and was helpful in giving general advice on which clauses applied. It was very efficient and effective. It was also well priced.

By William Ehmcke 12 January 2015

an OK to good doc, but it seemed to waiver between Director agreement & employee agreement. I needed to substantially edit to use - but it was a great foundation

Net Lawman responds 10 February 2015

In law a director is an employee. He is entitled to the same rights as any other employee - even if he also owns the company.