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By Tracey Seymour 30 September 2020

Great document, well written and easy to use and understand.

By Kim Taylor 11 June 2019

I haven't use it yet but the document is well written, with very good explanatory notes. Just what I required for the purpose.
Kim T

By Brian Harrington 17 June 2018

Having all the legal stuff in the doc was useful along with the explanatory notes.

By Jon Warren 04 April 2017

Excellent service. Simple to use, good instruct with document and a query answered in half an hour by email.

By Moawed Ghaly 04 July 2016

It is well written in plain English and covers all the major issues.

By Paul Golding 17 June 2015

The document was easy to follow allowing me to delete information that was not relevant. From sale to arrival of product was only minutes and it was written in plane language.

By Martin Kuhn 30 March 2015

The document was exactly what I was after.

I had little concern with using Net Lawman as I I was able to view the document to determine its suitability, prior to purchase.

The most important feature of the document was that it was linked to the Act and common law, making it a more robust document than the one proposed by the realestate Agent involved in Lease Agreement.Secondly it gave me flexibility to modify it to suit the circumstances better.

The document covered scenarios that I would not have thought of myself. and as such proved to be valuable.

The document also came at a price that was considerably cheaper than requesting this service from our family solicitor.
Yes, I would recommend Net Lawman to others. Affordable, efficient and flexible enough to meet my needs.

By Michael Opie 12 August 2017

I have bought your forms but haven't used them yet. I decided to purchase because they were comprehensive with detailed instructions on use and applicability.

By Keryn Povey 23 January 2015

As with any legal document a bit confusing at the beginning but once I started on it it was very well put together. Went online & found your website after looking though others I was satisfied with yours.
Most important was Tenant's positive obligations, Restrictions on Tenant & Schedule 1.
I now have a secure lease in place.
Yes I would recommend.