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By Wes Shaw 19 February 2017

I purchased the Confidentiality Agreement template. Very simple, easy and practical document. did not ask for volumes of personal information and data which is very respectful. The co-signing party was a large corporate and didn't make any changes. I recommend this site, their products and their follow up service.

By Glen Davis 10 December 2014

My main concern was the cost, another I went to state " FREE " free worked at $59 , when I visited your site it became clear , that no it was not free but extremely good value.
When i received the download I was even more happy, very easy to use, and if I were to say that what the most important feature was, it was simply that, it is very user friendly. Did I benefit from the document ? yes very much so and would I recommend to others, yes indeed.

By Ben Grill 01 October 2014

I've purchased two documents from Net Lawman and find them both quite good. Certainly good value for money. The only thing that would make them better would be if I could get a live person to answer a few questions for me as there are always a few clauses in the contracts that are unclear to me. I would recommend to other small businesses though without huge budgets.

Net Lawman responds 06 November 2014

Thank you for your review.
Of course, we would love to be able to give you that advice. The problem is that most businesses can fix up a “LivePerson” in support of a high value sale, but we are caught between the scissor blades of a low sale value on the one hand and a very high cost of professional advice on the other.

By Peter Finnegan 17 September 2013

Website is easy to use & select the docs required. This template agreement provided a good base to work from. Email notification & invoice both accurate & timely.