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By LMI Group 30 September 2020

Excellent value for money. The document provided an ideal starting point for what we needed. The guiding comments were useful, as were the alternative provisions for items such as exclusivity. Importantly, the document makes good provision for international agency, making life very easy. Whilst this is more our preference, we replaced all references to "Shall" with "Will" and "He/His" with "Their". Ultimately, the clauses provide good and fair protection for both parties, which is how we like to do things.

By Robert Kern 26 August 2019

Very helpful and easy to use document. Explanations are a great support to understand and fine-tune the document. Thanks again!!!

By Steve Elliott 25 October 2015

Great service. Easy website - especially in selecting the right document. Explanation notes very helpful and price point spot on.

By Michael O'Donnell 04 September 2015

It saved me 1,000's I edited the document to suit and had it signed 3 days later !!!

it was worth every cent