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By Marica Loncar 29 April 2016

please include inheritance issues in future pre-nuptial agreements - this is the main reason we downloaded the document and this issue was not discussed in detail - however all the information has been dilligently prepared - it is excellent ! my brother might be getting married soon and he wants to protect his inheritance. I look forward to using other documents generated by Net Lawman I am impressed !!! I will tell my friends and post on facebook.

Net Lawman responds 29 April 2016

Thank you for a lovely review.

Now as to the inheritance issue: the main problem is that for a pre-nup to be acceptable to a judge – if it should ever come to that – it must satisfy particular judicial guidance. Without going into a lot of detail, inheritance is a hot potato.

Despite having rich parents, no-one knows to whom they might leave money nor when they might die. Even when it comes to divorce, a judge can only make some allowance for the possibility of a party receiving money from a rich parent. It is therefore best dealt with in a pre-nup simply as part of the arrangement for dividing the money / assets / income or whatever.

It is unlikely that a judge will enforce a provision for sharing of an inheritance, but may well make allowance in children provision – no matter which parent is doing most of the parenting.

I hope that helps – a little at least.

By CLAUDIA KEATES 10 September 2013

Clear and precise agreement and information.

By Mario Xerri 22 November 2013

The service is very good in that the document is supplied immediately and is quite detailed in some respects but more detailed reference should be made in the document to legislation relevant to the Australian jurisdiction

Net Lawman responds 09 December 2013

Thank you for your very helpful comments. The law is Australian law and references are to Australian acts. However, we have found and corrected two references to institutions which have incorrect names. Thank you for pointing these out.