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By Kym Fitzpatrick 06 July 2018

Easy to use

By Karen Barclay 06 June 2018

The content of the document covered everything I wanted and more. There were aspects of your document that I never even contemplated. I found the New Lawman website easy to use and loved the fact you could preview parts of a sample document to ensure the document was what I was looking for.

By Libby Hogan 03 May 2018

Excellent document, covers everything and saved me lots of hours and $$

By Samantha Ball 03 April 2017

Have purchased from you before and recommend clients to purchase from you. Very easy straight forward process and information provided is very clear and helpful

By Wyman Kingsley 16 March 2017

Great product and service, the documentation is well explained

By Charmaine Thring 15 June 2015

Excellent policy, easy to understand the points that needed to edited and why. Also great to be aware of all the areas involved within the privacy policy for a membership website.

By Wayne Larkin 23 October 2014

Excellent: Extremely well priced. Great support service. Well written plain English legal contracts.

By Shane ONeill 17 August 2014

Very useful document in plain english and simple to use. Also very reasonably priced.

By Neil McGarry 03 June 2014

Brilliant Service.

By Dermot O'Beirne 29 April 2014

For a very reasonable price, unusual to have editing facility but simplified matters!

By Lara Stephenson 29 March 2014

Easy to edit, firm yet friendly in tone and easy to understand.

By Scott Kane 20 February 2014

Excellent. To my eye the document had all elements required to meet Australian Privacy Policy requirements. Have recommended some of my clients consider for their businesses. With a little birdie telling me ASIC is planning random sweeps of Australian websites this year (after March 12th 2014) it's never been more important to ensure legal privacy compliance. Thank you for making a complex and potentially expensive process so pain free!

By Peter Holmes 01 September 2019

My business promotes traditional auctions but does not actuallyb”trade” online so I had to add some references to our ”off line” business activities and delete or amend specific references to financial details for payments made online.