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By Arthur Wehlow 22 December 2015

No improvements needed by me. It was easy to update the document to personalise and just as easy to delete anything not relevant. Exceptional straight forward system and excellent web site. Good work.

By Graham Reeley 16 January 2014

The document was good. Short and to the point, and served its purpose.The only shortfall was the Schedules as they were blank, I didn't know exactly what to insert or the format the information should be provided in. Only by looking at another document was I able to come up with a passable schedule.

Net Lawman responds 19 February 2014

We understand. Schedules to any document are always a matter of judgement. Because a schedule is text provided by you, relating only to your circumstances, we hesitate to give an example. Someone else will worry when he discovers that his circumstances are different and our “model” version does not apply. We do our best.