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By Nandni Narayan 05 July 2017

Easy and simple document for my family partnership set up. just what i needed without a huge price tag. Very supportive follow up emails sent to check on how i went with the document editting to.

Thank you guys.

By Gayna Kaminski 19 July 2016

We were very impressed with the comprehensive document you offered for a reasonable price. We just started a business and needed a partnership agreement for the bank before we could open any business accounts. We thought that we needed to go to the expense of engaging a solicitor. After some research on the internet we found your company and bought the family partnership agreement. The bank was happy and we were impressed,we would definitely recommend using Net Lawman.

By Clark Holloway 25 May 2016

This is an excellent clearly-worded agreement. It vastly exceeded my expectations for the cheap price and the explanatory notes were extremely helpful. Will definitely use Netlawman again whenever the need arises!

By Carmen Kwong 31 October 2015

I was looking for a simple partnership agreement because we are a simple small company. Not only do I not know any lawyers, but being able to trust someone at the beginning is not easy. While there are a lot of choices on the internet, finding the suitable one for us was a challenge. Review definitely helped, but also the company credentials. But what was most attractive to me was the simple plain English that I can understand and alter. Thank you.

By Rosemarie Jeffers-Palmer 04 July 2015

I expected this service to be complicated and expensive but after seeing the cost I was prepared to give it a try.
Our bank required such a document in order to open a business account. My husband and I had just formed a Family Partnership as part of taking over a small business.

The document was easy to use, great when alterations or additions had to be added and covered areas of possible concern that we were unaware of - loved the bit about stipulating the holiday period.

With this document I now feel confident if we need, at a later date, add another person to the partnership. The bank is also satisfied.

Very happy to recommend this business to others.

Thanks Net Lawman Australia

Rosemarie & Kevin.

Thanks for this easy and inexpensive service.

By Patricia Meister 30 January 2014

Very Professional and easy to follow document. I was able to fill in the document easily and present a document that was as good as any that I would have drawn up by my solicitor the price was 100% cheaper than having it done by my solicitor and provided for all the information we required as a small partnership concern. The service was prompt and efficient.The single feature of the document of most interest to me was the section naming the two partners, the date of inception of the partnership, the banking details and the perecentage breakdown of profit. We finally have a partnership agreement without too much messing about with lawyers. I would recommentd the service to anyone attempting to set up a partnership.

By Karl Petrovic 28 January 2018

The document was solid and had all the key areas covered. For improvement I would suggest a note for each heading/section with more detail in laymans terms and perhaps a link to legislation.