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By Tamara Clarke 06 September 2016

Relevant headings for which we could adapt our situation. Liked the explanatory notes - very useful when we were not sure about a meaning.


By Sonja Arnold 23 March 2016

Great service and very helpful. Had a lot of terms and conditions that we wanted to include within our business partnership. Very helpful in ensuring appropriate legal protection for partners. Thank You!

By Sophie Masson 22 March 2016

A nice clear document in clear English and very comprehensive, it has made a fantastic framework for us as a small business to think about how we work and look towards formalising things. Good to know too that it's all been overlooked by lawyers. Very easy to order, efficient to download, easy to adapt. Good general information too. Recommended.

By Maree Quinn 20 December 2015

What a great service, very helpful if wanting to formalise a small business partnership on a limited budget. Thank you!

By Greg Moyle 25 October 2014

Excellent document with minimal legalese. Fast download and helpful directions.

By Matthew Fields 26 July 2014

Simple and efficient ordering of product. Very clear and informative explanation of different products to make the choice easy and with confidence. Fast delivery of product. Very comprehensive but user friendly document. Full explanation of terms to make editing the document to my requirements a breeze. Saved hours and hours of my time at a price thats chicken feed compared to using a lawyer but with confidence of know the document has been prepared by real lawyers. Very happy with my purchase. Will definitely use Netlawman again and recommend to my friends.

By Joshua Moses 18 July 2014

Excellent service.

By Jeannie Zigon 18 June 2014

Entering into a Partnership is a new experience for me. I am highly reassured by your comprehensive, and user friendly document. The access process was simple, convenient, and definitely conducive to my purchase. Great price. Will definitely consult Net Lawman again should the need arise. Highly recommended.

By Kristy Muller 14 June 2014

Excellent service.

By Leo Brogan 30 May 2014

Good Service.

By Allen Farrington 05 May 2014

Document was perfect for our needs. Clear and concise .The greatest concern I had prior to the download was not knowing whether the document would be relevant for our needs and it was.Thank You!

By Sue Hickman 18 April 2014

I thought it was very good. As I looked through the agreement, I was impressed by what it sets out to do. I think if any business operator was to base their partnership on this agreement, they would avoid so many of the pitfalls I'm sure we all fall into.

By Leigh Rogers 01 March 2014

A couple of points I hadn't anticipated but I'm certainly glad they were included. Very comprehensive.

By Greg Hayes 18 February 2014

Document covered more than I required. The ability to add points to clauses was a great feature. It is very user friendly.

By Alice Beilby 10 February 2014

I thought the document was very comprehensive and very easy to follow. Yes, I would use Net Lawman again.

By Josef Rutten 12 October 2013


By Jon Barber 21 September 2013

Very good product, so simple to use, price is right, will purchase it again.

By Philip Treweek 26 March 2014

Service was good and Quick.A good basic agreement.

By Kevin Webster 16 December 2013