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By Amy Goodey 30 August 2019

It was perfectly formatted, easy to edit and the explanations at the end were ALL useful.

By Leanne Percy 30 June 2018

The document enabled me to create my version confidently and resolve my legal issue.

By Tanya Jones 07 June 2015

Wasn't able to find much useful information on partnership dissolution on the internet so decided to take a chance with Net Lawman. The partnership dissolution agreement was very easy to complete and came with comprehensive and clear supporting documentation (e.g., term definitions). Very impressed with this product and would definitely use this service again - quick, easy and very cost effective. Thank You.

By Trudie King 17 July 2013

Fantastic & very easy to use.

By Brett 05 September 2020

I had no concerns using NETLAWMAN
I decided to purchase my relevant documents from Net Lawman because quite simply they were exactly what i needed. The documents were straight forward and precise.

By Chami Jayaneththi 21 November 2018


By MIRA ZACHARIA 28 July 2016

It covered my requirements well and was easy to use. Notes were very helpful

By Gary Wert 18 July 2016