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By Kimberley Rea 06 February 2021

Quick response and the draft gave me heaps of help in directing how I should add my own requirements to that draft

Having a lawyer review the amended draft gave me reassurance that the agreement would have its intended consequences

By Alison Agnew 12 January 2021

The document was very easy to use. Very reasonable price. Saved me a lot of money.
Thank you.

By Carole Isaacs 25 August 2018

Very easy to understand and use the document.

By Stefan Sojka 24 December 2016


By Brent Vrab 29 June 2016

I found your service on google. I found the link and download process very simple. The document was thorough and covered all the aspects that I required.

By Sue Purdue 15 April 2016

The document was exactly what I needed. As this is the first time I have taken in a lodger I was unsure how to protect myself and my property. It provided clear parameters for my lodger and peace of mind for myself. Further to your notes it was suggested to me to have each page initialed and review 3 monthly. I will and have recommended Net Lawman to others. Thank you.

By James Parbery 24 September 2015

I have not found any fault with your document - although I may think of ways to improve upon it once i have put it into action and tried it out.

Is the reason you call it a 'Deposit' instead of a 'bond' to avoid it being identified as a Tenancy Agreement? The only problem with the term 'Deposit' is that it inferes that it is an initial payment for further payments to be made.

I have adapted your document to my purpose and I am happy for you to peruse it to see if the layout or phrasing is something you could adapt yourselves or if you think it has been a mistake for me to alter certain parts. Will send in an email.

Net Lawman responds 05 October 2015

We are happy to look over your agreement through our review scheme. We sent details when you bought the document

By Julie James 07 July 2015

The document was set out in layman's terms, which meant it was easy to read and absorb. The introductory information provided was very informative and logical, and the actual document was easy to download and edit so that my document was relevant to my needs. It provided me with certainty as to the expectations and rights of both parties in a lodger arrangement. Thank you.

By Robert Golding 25 January 2015

Thank you for this service. I'm about to rent a downstairs flat to a lodger for the first time and this document gave me the confidence to prepare a licence agreement knowing that I was being fair to both of us.

By Donald Goldsmith 11 April 2014

Thank you for the document, yes I thought it was very good and will fulfill my needs exactly. Without your service I would be at the mercy of the legal fraternity and costs and opinions can vary considerably. In legal matters confidence is a primary concern, and with the help of your document I can construct the type of document that I need and confident that if tested it will come through.
Thanks again

By Maria Tumalty 26 November 2020

Very good I feel confidence to rent my room lodger agreement give me security ,straightforward just what I need it and good price thank you !

By Nicholas 13 July 2020

Very clear and simplistic

By Deborah Culhane 20 April 2020

Good agreement and simple! Ideal for clients in this situation.

By Marie 14 April 2020

We used the Lodger Agrrement template, and found the process straightforward, comprehensive and quick.
Great value for money. Would highly recommend it to others. Well done!

By Kim Augl 04 August 2014

It was useful. Just what I needed . Thank you for the service

By David Shirres 17 July 2013

It was quite useful particularly as it does not bind me to anything and just sets out an understanding as to what is expected.