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By Tim Thomson 27 September 2019

The agreement document that I purchased was real simple to understand, straight to the point and user friendly. I will definitely be using this service again and I recommend this service to anyone who is looking for easy to understand legal documents.

By Dianne Moses 23 November 2018

Excellent plain English document, with adequate detail to give confidence and clarity in completing the transaction. Being in Word format, I was able to make a few changes with ease.

By Ian Scrutton 22 November 2017

The draft contract provided an excellent basis for the agreement I wanted to formalise with the purchaser of a vehicle I recently sold. Although I had to make a few amendments to it, these were relatively minor. All in all I found the process very easy and efficient to say nothing of the cost I was able to save in having a solicitor draft it from scratch. I can't honestly think of anything you could do to improve your service.

By James Buchanan 03 July 2017

Comprehensive document, as advertised, easy to use with clear guidance on completing

By Nathan Craze 26 January 2017

My experience with Net LawMan has been very positive to say the least. My initial legal document download was not exactly what I needed, so after contacting a representative I was advised to purchase a "Document Review Service" so that I could have my amendments reviewed and adjusted as needed. To my surprise after the "Review" process, my document was almost completely re-drafted with all the specifications I needed, even though many were absent in the original document template. I cannot understate the value I received for my investment with Net LawMan, especially having received quotes from traditional legal services up to ten times the amount!

By Craig Sampford 07 February 2016

The document covered everything that I was looking for & some more. It covered things I wouldn't have thought of & is very relevant.

By Jon Martlew 11 November 2015

I thought the form was easy to use and fit for purpose. I needed minor amendment and as I allowed the purchaser to buy over a six month period I supplemented the form with a loan agreement.

By Peter Turner 22 June 2015

The template was generally very good - easy to work through and contained most elements that I was looking for. Other than that, it was, as usual, a very useful document. Thanks again.