Why Net Lawman

Our documents have been used by many thousands of individuals, businesses and solicitors across the world. We enjoy a reputation for selling high quality documents containing sound law.

We believe that we can summarise why you should buy from Net Lawman as follows:

  • Our large library of legal documents and forms allows you to find what you need. Tailored versions of popular documents for common situations reduce the amount of editing you need to do.
  • Our documents are comprehensive, covering practical points as well as the legal ones. We avoid selling 'basic' versions of our documents for the simple reason that a short document is unlikely to protect you sufficiently.
  • Guidance notes included with each document remove the need to be expert on the law relating to the document. We aim to tell you what you need to know without overwhelming you with unnecessary detail.
  • We offer straightforward pricing and great value. Most of us aren't heavy users of legal documents. Buy the document you need, when you need it, and avoid the hidden expense of subscriptions and retainers.
  • We frequent check and update our documents for changes in law. Using a Net Lawman legal document, it is easy to stay compliant with the latest legislation.
  • Our in-house legal team offers a range of support services.
  • We back all our documents with a no-risk money back guarantee that allows you to claim a full refund if a document is not right for you.
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