Enterprise agreement under the Fair Work Act 2009

This article will be useful reading for all employers of younger workers as well as parents / guardians of such employees and the employees themselves. More Info

National Employment Standards (NES) under the Fair Work Act

An overview of National Employment Standards under the Fair Work Act 2009. More Info

Fair Work Information Statement

Overview of the Fair Work Information Statement for Australian employers and tips for efficient transition under the Fair Work Act 2009. More Info

Long Service Leave

An overview of long service leave entitlements for employees in Victoria and employees with 'national System Employers' under Forward with Fairness. More Info

Notice of Termination and Redundancy Pay

An overview of the requirements for termination notice and redundancy payments in line with the Fair Work Act. More Info

Parental leave: entitlements

An overview of parental leave entitlements and eligibility for Australians under the Fair Work Act. More Info

Flexible working: the law and best practice

An overview of the right to request flexible working patterns under the Fair Work Act. More Info

Remedies for Unfair Dismissal

You have certain rights and remedies available to you if you have unfairly dismissed by your employer. This article describes what unfair dismissal is, where to go and the remedies which are available to you. More Info

Work Choices: Personal carers leave

The basic standard applied unless other express provision, in an employment contract for example, provides for more generous leave provisions. More Info

Fair Work Act 2009: Overview and transition from "Work Choices"

An overview of the Fair Work Act 2009: Forward with Fairness, including what' s new for Australian employers. More Info

Annual Leave under the Fair Work Act

An overview of Australian Annual Leave entitlements under the Fair Work Act 2009. More Info

Sex discrimination and sexual harassment at work place?

Summary of the law on sex discrimination and sexual harrassement - what they are, what to do if you have been a victim and how to prevent them in your workplace. More Info

Work choices: Australian minimum wages

Find out about the minimum wage and modern awards under Australian law. More Info

Work choices: maximum weekly hours

Explains the requirement under the WRA 1996 that employees cannot work more than 38 hours in one week and how it will affect your business. More Info

Personal / carer's leave entitlement

An overview of personal / carer's leave entitlement. More Info

Standing down employees under the Fair Work Act 2009

Explains when an employer can stand down an employee under the Workplace Relations Act 1996 and also explains the consequences of an unauthorised stand down. More Info

Annual leave entitlements

Explains the implications of the Workplace Relations Act and how much time off an employee is eligible for when. More Info

Discrimination: sex, race, age, disability and equal opportunities

Summary of the law on sex, race, age, disability discrimination and equal opportunities in Australia. More Info

Work compensation obligations for NSW employers

All employers in NSW have obligations under the Workers Compensation Act 1987 and the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998. This article explains the main responsibilities. More Info

Workers Compensation: employee rights

This information relates to state workers' compensation claims only. If you suffer a work-related injury or disease and need medical treatment and/or you cannot work because of the injury, you may be entitled to claim worker's compensation. More Info

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