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Last updated: December 2020 | 2 min read
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If you are just looking for an agreement

If you are just looking for the documents not information on them, Net Lawman offers a large number of documents on


Net Lawman offer many versions of terms and conditions documents for use as standard “take it or leave it” documents for use on your website or sales material. This page is a guide to which document is most suitable for your business.

Why a terms and conditions document?

Everyone knows that terms and conditions are critical. They govern the relationship between you and your customer. Much general law applies to the rules when making contracts with businesses and consumers. Further, if you operate via a website or from a distance, there are further regulations you must comply with. Choosing the right document is therefore essential.

How to choose

The Net Lawman documents have been divided not according to what you sell, but according to whether your customer is a consumer or business; and whether you sell goods or services, or both. We have further provided for traders who have only a modest Internet presence and traders who take money on their website.

Start by looking at your customers. The law provides far greater protection to “consumers” than the business buyers. A consumer is anyone who is not buying in the course of a business.

The “consumer” versions provide that the consumer protection law relates only to consumers, so if you sell to both consumers and to businesses, you can use the “consumer” version for all your customers without giving anything away. Alternatively, you could use both versions and code your site so that the version which comes up before a customer is decided automatically from the data you have asked them to enter.

Still can't decide? Contact us using the link at the bottom of this page and we shall be more than happy to help you to choose. Alternatively, if your business is rather unusual, or unique contact us to draw a bespoke terms and conditions document which may suit your business model better.

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