Binding financial agreements

Alternative pre-nuptial agreement templates: a simple version stating only the basic provisions around each party keeping what is his/her own and a full version providing in detail how different assets will be divided.


    Binding financial agreement (Pre-nuptial agreement)

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    Marry knowing that it is for love and not money. This binding financial agreement (also known as a prenuptial or pre-marital agreement) allows you to plan how you will divide your current and future wealth between you and your husband, wife or partner should you decide to divorce or separate in the future. It will help you control your ownership of important assets such as your house, sentimental possessions and your business.

    Binding financial (pre-nuptial) agreement: protection of property

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    This version of our binding financial agreement has the single purpose of enabling each of the new marriage partners to protect ownership of the assets he and she brought into the partnership in the event of breakup. It is a simpler agreement for couples who are independently financially secure before the marriage or partnership, and for whom the concern is the retention of ownership of personal assets such as heirlooms or a business, rather than financial security. The document is drawn to meet the latest prospective requirements for the enforceability of a prenuptial agreement.

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