IP development contracts

These contracts are comprehensive agreements to create, develop or modify intellectual property, including product designs and software. They ensure that the rights to the IP transfer to the client on completion of the work and that confidentiality is maintained during and after the project.


    Intellectual property rights security agreement: employee

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    This agreement is a supplement to a contract of employment. Use it to protect intellectual property or other secrets in a high security environment. It will be signed by select staff employed on a special project or incorporated into the contract of employment for many staff working in a high security business.

    Intellectual property rights security agreement: contractor

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    This is an agreement for high level protection of your intellectual property against theft or misuse by a contractor who works for you or with you in any capacity.

    Software development contract

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    This is a basic contract for a client to have software written with strong intellectual property protection for you, the client. It is intended to make sure you, the client, get what you have paid for. It does not include a specification of work. That is assumed to be set out in detail in a schedule. Suitable for any type of work.

    Product development contract

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    This is a product development contract providing a high level of security for you, the Client. Use as is or add paragraphs from to some other agreement. It goes one step further than strict terms in a supply contract, by providing that the contractor transfers all rights he has or might in future have, to you, the client.

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