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Template statutory declarations, prepared as examples by Net Lawman using the prescribed form. Simply mould to suit your unique circumstances.
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About this Statutory declaration

A statutory declaration is a written statement that a person signs and declares to be true and correct before an authorised witness. By signing it, you agree that the information in it is true, and you can be charged with perjury if the information is false. They are useful in many situations and have the same effect at law as your making a statement under oath in court.

By definition, a statutory declaration tells a unique story. There can thus be no template which provides the precise story applicable to your own situation.

Authorised witnesses differ from state to state, however, a Justice of the Peace is a common authorised person in all states, therefore if you don’t know who to ask, find a JP.

While the form is somewhat self explanatory, the Net Lawman explanatory notes and guidance explain all you will need to know.

We have different states versions of this form please select your jurisdiction before making purchase so that you should have the applicable version to your state.


  • Statutory declaration form drawn to comply with specific state legislation
  • Explanatory notes
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Very Easy
27 October 2019
The document was very easy and straight forward to use.
Angela Verinder
Exactly What Needed
03 July 2018
It was very easy to make contact and the response was spot on.
Thank you. The form was easy to use thank you for supplying the form. I am not too computer savvy but found it easy to us.
Very Informative
03 April 2017
Good afternoon

I found your service informative and helpful. The only draw back was my declaration was for a different matter than the templates provided yet I was still able to adapt and successfully use it. I thought the cost was reasonable too.
I would use your services again.

Many thanks

Arthur Whitehead
Arthur Whitehead
Review of the United Kingdom version
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