Members' club constitution and rules

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Comprehensive agreement for any type of unincorporated association where there is no property and no alcohol license.
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About this document

This document is our comprehensive unincorporated association agreement in its simplest form. It includes all relevant provisions; however, you will not be able to hold property nor an alcohol license.  It is an all-embracing agreement suitable for any type of association and will be suitable in almost every situation.

We have templates for specific types of unincorporated association coming soon. If your venture has standard, logical, common place rules and procedures, this document will be suitable.  Similarly, if you have extraordinarily unusual rules and procedures, you will benefit most by buying this document and amending it to fit.

When to use this document?

Whenever you set up a new unincorporated association, or when you are a member of a current one which could benefit from a formal agreement.

Application and features

  • Any one wanting to set out the rules for an unincorporated association - that is, anything from a:
  • local sports club;
  • investment club;
  • residents association;
  • voluntary organisations;
  • syndicate; to
  • any other unincorporated association


  • Aims and objectives;
  • Subscriptions, resignation, suspension and expulsion;
  • Management of the association;
  • Powers of the committee – what are they and who decides;
  • Annual general meetings (AGMs);
  • Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs);
  • Quorum at meetings;
  • Voting at meetings;
  • How and when the rules can and will be amended;
  • Provisions for dissolution;
  • Other usual legal paragraphs;
  • Schedule of annual subscription charges;
  • Explanatory notes and guidance.
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02 April 2013
an excellent product-it will save me hours of work and research
John Sephton
Review of the United Kingdom version
31 March 2013
Very useful, great value for money, positive experience when I asked questions. I'd have no hesitation in using or recommending Net Lawman. Only niggle was (as the last reviewer said) rather primitive layout. The primitive layout might be an advantage since it's more likely to be compatible with older versions of word processors.
Pete Smith
Review of the United Kingdom version
26 March 2013
A very useful document to provide (most) of the text and structure I needed. The text needs a little updating to cover modern communication facilities like blogs, websites and email. It's format is also fairly basic, but entirely understandable as many people do not understand TOCs and Styles; these I embedded myself. Overall; good value for money.
Bob Panrucker
Review of the United Kingdom version
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