Fire safety policy

The Fire Safety Policy ensures that essential fire procedures are made known to staff. The Policy outlines the businesses goals regarding fire assessment and ensures that the aims of the business are recorded in line with the law.
Suitable for use in: ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA
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About this document

This document sets out an example policy for you to adapt to your business.

There are two good reasons to buy this document.

  • First, Net Lawman has drawn a set of Fire Safety document templates to create for you a low cost route to compliance.  As with all such documents, simply completing a form does not automatically mean you have complied.  The purpose of the regulations is to make us all consider fire risks, reduce them where possible and inform everyone as appropriate.  However, if you have a legal claim, or an employment claim, or simply a visit from your insurer, it will be difficult for anyone to say you have failed to comply, if these documents are in place.
  • Second, if you have the documents in place, it is very easy to diarise ahead a few months and update them.  You can turn another piece of mind boggling red tape into a 30 minute task. (Note however, that in law, the duty is ongoing and requires constant monitoring!).

Application and features

  • Model policy for a medium or large organisation;
  • Designed not merely to comply with the law, but to make it easier for a manager to manage the business by setting out clear paths through the law and processes involved;
  • Structure and layout are easy to follow and can be cut down or otherwise edited according to your particular requirements.


  • Lists the general obligations to ensure that all staff know what to do should a fire occur;
  • Notes fire aims and goals specific to the company in question;
  • Appoints a ‘responsible person’, who is in charge of carrying out the fire assessment;
  • Appoints ‘competent persons’ who are in charge of carrying out fire drills / evacuation procedures;
  • Lists the correct documentation that should be provided by a business in order to comply with the new legislation;
  • Lists employee's duties;
  • Ensures that all staff / members of the organisation are informed of the fire procedures.

This document was written by a solicitor for Net Lawman. It complies with current Australian law.

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