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Licence agreement for a car parking space


Licence to use a car parking space in any situation. Read More

Lodger agreement: licence to rent a room


Use this lodger agreement to rent a room in your home to one or more people. This agreement creates a licence to use the property, with far fewer legal requirements for the landlord than a lease or a tenancy agreement. Read More

Student lodger agreement


A licence agreement for a student owner (or her parents) to let rooms in her house to fellow students. Fine too, for any situation where a house owner in occupation allows friend to take rooms on a shared basis. Read More

Part-time lodger agreement


A licence agreement for a property owner to take in a part-time lodger who occupies perhaps at weekends or weekdays or when he is in this country. Read More

Licence agreement: letting private garage


A letting agreement for renting a garage, a lock-up, or any other small building or piece of open land for non-business use for a short term of up to 3 years. Do not use if tenant wants business use. Read More

Service occupancy agreement


This service occupancy agreement grants a licence to occupy to an employee living in accommodation (from a single room to a whole property) provided by the employer for the better performance of their work duties. The agreement has been written to exclude security of tenure and provide for full protection of employer's rights. Read More

Parking space agreement


A licence agreement where the owner can sub-license his flat car space currently not in his use, to someone else for a period of time. Read More

Residential property licence: pre-settlement


This licence to occupy is for a residential purchase where the licensee (also the purchaser) has agreed to purchase the property but doesn't want to wait to move in. The licensee allows the purchaser to occupy for a weekly fee until settlement. Read More

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