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Vehicle lease agreement: business to business


Comprehensive lease agreement suitable for renting out any type of large vehicle to businesses. Read More

Equipment lease: construction industry plant and machinery


Suitable for leasing large industrial plant and or machinery to another business. Not suitable for lease to a consumer as it does not comply with necessary consumer protection legislation. Lease term can be fixed or extendable. Read More

Machinery lease


Suitable for leasing smaller machinery for a limited time. Lease term can be adapted but the document best suits a term of less than 12 months. Read More

Office equipment lease agreement


Suitable for leasing office equipment and other smaller items. Lease term can be either a fixed or an extendable period. Read More

Plant lease: rental agreement for fixed plant


Suitable for any business which leases large equipment. The contract favours the lessor, is suitable for absolutely any type of business or large equipment and can be amended so the term is either fixed or extendable. Comprehensive and easy to use. Read More

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